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Keeping Personal Data Protection Program Up-to-Date and Sustainable

The sustainability of the environment created for the protection of the personal data, keeping this environment up-to-date in line with the changing business requirements, laws and legislations and the management of the data breaches risks are important in order to comply with the laws and regulations.

The services we provide to fulfill this purpose consist of the following activities that make data protection a lifecycle for your organization:


    • Ensure the privacy and data protection policies and procedures are up-to-date
    • Ensure processes and data inventory including personal data are up-to-date
    • Deliver regular privacy and data protection awareness trainings to the staff
    • Ensure agreements and service level agreements (SLA) signed with suppliers and business partners covers warranties about data protection and privacy
    • Ensure review and internal control are performed and findings and corrective actions are shared
    • Ensure Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) are performed during the projects and suggestion regarding data protection are presented
    • Lead the process for the management of the requests and complaints of data subjects
    • Ensure data breach scenario is included in business continuity plan and is tested in a specific period

Internal Control

    • Review of the existing privacy policies and procedures
    • Review of the business processes to ensure they are in line with the existing privacy policies and procedures
    • Review of the existing processes and data inventories including personal data to ensure they are up to date
    • Generation of the internal control report together with findings and corrective actions

Awareness Trainings

    • Delivery of KVKK and information security awareness trainings to your staff

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